University of Waterloo - Canadian Computing Competition

The Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) is a fun challenge for secondary school students with an interest in programming. It is an opportunity for students to test their ability in designing, understanding and implementing algorithms. There are two levels of the competition:

Junior Level — any student with basic programming skills (has taken Computer Science 20)

Senior Level — any student with advanced programming skills (should be attempted only if you have top marks in Computer Science 30, and have done a LOT of personal study regarding data structures and algorithms)


Monday, Feb 25, 2019
9:00am - 12:00pm
CS Lab (Room 220)

You must let Mr. Schellenberg know that you would like to participate in the contest by Wednesday, Feb 6.


5 questions. 3 hours. Online grader, so every single character that you output must match exactly with what is required. Note that this means that when you prompt for input, there should be no text inside your prompt! For example, instead of number = input("Please enter a number:"), you should use number = input().

Practicing/Getting Ready

Some things you may choose to do to help you prepare for the CCC include:

Previous Results For Walter Murray

2019 Honour Roll
Tim Letkeman
Aric Leather

2017 Honour Roll
Vladimir Shevyakov
Brady Alto
Gavi Arganosa
Yuxin Bai
Andrew Kim

2016 Contest
No winners declared, due to a DDOS attack during the contest. We had 4 students achieve perfect scores, however.

2015 Junior Western Canada Regional Winner
Godwin Friesen

2015 Honour Roll
Jun Zheng

2014 Junior Western Canada Regional Winner
Godwin Friesen

2014 Honour Roll
Nicolaus Goertzen
Sarah Pohorecky